Samara Morgan Halloween Costume

You will die in seven days . . . unless you dress up as Samara Morgan from “The Ring.”

Items you will need to make it yourself:

- A long black wig

- A white dress that goes to ankles (try a nightgown)
- White face makeup
- Black greasepaint stick

Samara Morgan is fast becoming an icon of the horror genre, and as her, you are bound to startle your fellow Halloween party-goers. We recommend a long, flowing white dress that is loose-fitting. A white floor-length nightgown may be the best option. Apply white makeup to your face and arms, blending in the black for dark circles under your eyes (and that nice undead look). Now put on the long black wig and part the hair down the center. Let the wig hang over the front of your face so that your entire face is covered save for a small gap in front. Now you are ready to crawl out of a TV and scare the hell out of everyone else.

Remember: this won’t stop. She never sleeps.