Do-It-Yourself Six Million Dollar Man (Bionic Man) Halloween Costume

Astronaut Steve Austin was pulled from the wreckage and it was decided he was too hunky to give up on, so they gave him some robot parts. In a way, he was an early Terminator. It’s easy to become the Six Million Dollar Man (aka The Bionic Man). However, most people won’t get it unless you have a Farrah-Fawcett Majors hanging on your arm.

Items you will need:
A 70s style red jogging suit (or pants & jacket)
Brown wig
Chest hair (real or fake)
A couple gold chains

This costume is a no-brainer, but have some fun with the chest hair and the chains. If you can’t find a jogging suit, get a jacket, black turtleneck, tan pants and 70s shoes. Any thrift should have these things. Remember, the Bionic Man was hot stuff in the 70s. Then he turned into The Fall Guy and beat his wife. Yuck.

Frightening Fact
Near the end of the series, Lee Majors experimented with changing Austin’s look by growing a moustache. This proved unpopular and the idea was dropped, but not before a number of commercial tie-ins, including a comic book and a lunch box, had been produced with the new look.

Leading Man Wig Dark Brown Adult

Leading Man Wig Dark Brown Adult

Whoa, what a stud!