Do-It-Yourself Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costume

It’s easy to see what Frankenstein sees in his Bride. She is quite a looker with that hair from Hell. Plus, she’s relatively quiet. Except for the grunting, squealing and screaming on occasion. The Bride of Frankenstein is an easy Halloween costume to do at home.

Items you will need:

Green makeup or body paint
A white, flowing dress
A long black wig
White spraypaint
Black high heels
Black fingernail polish
Black lipstick
Super-hold hairspray
Black eye shadow

It’s time to get all deaded up. Put on a white dress, the more flowing the better. Apply the green makeup or body paint to any part of your body that isn’t being covered by the dress and your shoes. Apply black makeup to your eyes, and black lipstick to your lips. Paint your fingernails black as well. Tease the black wig and use a ton of hairspray so that the hair sticks straight up. Use the white spraypaint to give the wig a white skunk-like streak up either side. Now you’re ready to party the night away with your Frankie by your side.

Frightening Fact:
Elsa Lancester, who played the Bride, was only 5’4″ but for the role was placed on stilts that made her 7′ tall. The bandages were placed so tightly on her that she was unable to move and had to be carried around the studio and fed through a straw. All that and she probably made 15 bucks a day!