Do-It-Yourself Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Halloween Costume

Sadly, it is impossible for Halloween to ever fall on Friday the 13th, but don’t let that stop you from dressing up as one of modern horror’s most notorious slashers, Jason Voorhees. Making your own Jason Voorhees Halloween costume takes much less effort than slashing through the guests at the Halloween party!

Items you will need:

White hockey mask
Bald cap
Grey long-sleeve button-down shirt
Black trousers
Black boots
A long, fake machete

We prefer the classic Jason look. That means you wear black trousers and boots, a grey long-sleeved button-down shirt, a bald cap and, of course, a white hockey mask, preferably with a black crack down the left top. Carry a big fake machete just to get your point across — you’re one mean mother! There are, however, several options if you are dressing as Jason Voorhees.

There are several commercially available masks, includings some where you can remove the hockey mask to reveal Jason’s disfigured face. Ew! If you want to look like Jason as he appeared in “Friday the 13th Part II,” wear a flannel shirt, denim overalls and put a white cloth bag with a small hole cut out for your left eye to see through. Make sure if you’re wearing the cloth bag that you give yourself some way to breathe. Any of these costumes will make you look like Jason, and will be sure to put lots of campers on alert throughout the Halloween festivities.

Frightening Fact:
Jason Voorhees didn’t don his trademark hockey mask until Friday the 13th Part III, which was shown in 3-D in theaters.