Do-It-Yourself Zombie Halloween Costume

Transform yourself into a zombie. It’s such a simple costume, but the classics never go out of style, baby!

Items you will need:

Ripped, old clothing (T-shirt and jeans or a suit)
Gray face makeup or mask
A small multi-color make-up kit
Fake blood
Fake teeth
A dismembered hand or limb (optional)

Put on some old clothing. Jeans and an old T-shirt are great, but so is a thrift store suit. Keep in mind the shirt or suit might be ruined by blood and face paint, so make sure whatever you wear is something you can stand to lose. We also recommend shredding your clothes with a razor, but that’s up to you. Apply the gray face makeup to your face, neck and, if you have enough, to your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Use black and green make-up from the kit to give depth and definition to your creepy face. Once you have applied the makeup, you are ready to add the fake blood and chomp with the fake teeth. Remember you’re going for gore. The creepier, the better. We think a nice touch is to carry around a small body part (like a leg, arm or hand) from your last victim. Go, you crazy ghoul, you!

Frightening Fact:
Movie zombies are dead bodies with no souls, created by the black magic of voodoo sorcerers. Real “zombies” under a spell don’t eat flesh, but in fact exist and roam in a catatonic state.