Uncle Fester Halloween Costume

If you want to be part of the Addams Family and you don’t suffer from Hawaiifiveoguyphobia (the fear of being mistaken for Telly Savalas), check out how easy it is to make an Uncle Fester Halloween Costume!

Items you will need:
Bald cap (or a bald head)
Black hooded robe
Black eye makeup
White makeup
Black shoes or boots
Fake lightbulb

Dress in comfortable clothes, covering it all with a full-length black hooded cape. If you have a bald head, you are a step ahead. If not, put on your bald cap. Apply white makeup to your entire head, being careful not to get any makeup in your eyes. Apply black eye makeup in a wide circle around each eye. Apply white makeup to your hands for added creepy effect. If you can find a plastic or toy lightbulb, you can put the plug end into your mouth from time to time, re-creating the famous scene when Uncle Fester places a lightbulb in his mouth and conducts electricity to it through his body.