Some readers may have noticed the lack of posts by yours truly lately. I have the usual excuses… too busy burying the dead in the basement, honing my expert stalker skills, fortifying my house for the impending zombie apocalypse. You know, the usual. Part of the reason for the absence however has been due to my purchase of Dead Island for the Playstation 3 (also availble on Xbox 360 & PC).

I will be blunt and say that Dead Island is about as perfect of a zombie game as I think anyone could get. What makes Dead Island so great is that it does not play like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil. Nope, Dead Island is more of an RPG, similar in style to games like Fallout 3 or Oblivion.

Dead Island takes place on a paradise getaway island called Banoi. You can choose to play as four different characters who survived the initial onslaught, each with different specialties. The game is all about performing quests, helping people out to gain weapons or cash, and beating, bashing, driving over and shooting the ever loving guts out of the undead.

I haven’t tried the multiplayer side of the game yet. But unlike games like Call of Duty, Dead Island limits itself to 4 player co-op. You and three friends play the same map at the same time, helping each other out.

If you are a fan of video games and zombies, do not hesitate to pick up Dead Island. It is well worth every penny.

Dead Island video game