Stupid excited for The Cabin in the Woods

This weekend The Cabin in the Woods FINALLY starts and I’m stupid excited to see it. Why? Well, I’m a Buffy nerd, so having Joss Whedon involved is definitely a selling point. Still being a Buffy fangirl, I’m appreciating the fact that Drew Goddard wrote and directed it, too. He was the season 7 writer on Buffy. He also wrote for Lost, Alias and that little gem, Cloverfield. This movie has been in the can for a year which is probably while you’ll see The Mighty Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, in the lead and wonder WTF he’s doing in this movie. Also, it’s been way too long since any good horror has been out. I’ve been feeling really deprived. Between this and Prometheus soon, I’m about to wet my pants!

Don’t read the reviews. Seriously, don’t. Just surprise yourself. Enjoy the experience. Here’s the trailer.

Some readers may have noticed the lack of posts by yours truly lately. I have the usual excuses… too busy burying the dead in the basement, honing my expert stalker skills, fortifying my house for the impending zombie apocalypse. You know, the usual. Part of the reason for the absence however has been due to my purchase of Dead Island for the Playstation 3 (also availble on Xbox 360 & PC).

I will be blunt and say that Dead Island is about as perfect of a zombie game as I think anyone could get. What makes Dead Island so great is that it does not play like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil. Nope, Dead Island is more of an RPG, similar in style to games like Fallout 3 or Oblivion.

Dead Island takes place on a paradise getaway island called Banoi. You can choose to play as four different characters who survived the initial onslaught, each with different specialties. The game is all about performing quests, helping people out to gain weapons or cash, and beating, bashing, driving over and shooting the ever loving guts out of the undead.

I haven’t tried the multiplayer side of the game yet. But unlike games like Call of Duty, Dead Island limits itself to 4 player co-op. You and three friends play the same map at the same time, helping each other out.

If you are a fan of video games and zombies, do not hesitate to pick up Dead Island. It is well worth every penny.

Dead Island video game

Creepy Dolls by Shain Erin

I’m all for honestly creepy and disturbing things. Be it decorations, fine art, whatever. That’s why 98% of all Halloween decorations utterly disappoint. I look more for stuff like what artist Shain Erin has up in his Etsy store. These dolls are works of art and creepy as hell. While not what one would consider “cheap” they really aren’t priced too bad for being one-of-a-kind pieces. Check em out!

Also check out his website for more cool stuff.

Shain Erin creepy dolls
Shain Erin Art

I’m only half way through World War Z. It’s a fairly decent book and it is an interesting twist to the overpopulated zombie genre. So it’s disappointing to hear the film based on the book deviates so far from it, that it will be nothing like the book at all. Leave it to Hollywood. IO9 has the details and excerpts from zombie nerds around the interwebs who have gone bezerk about it. So go check it out.

Rick Baker’s F/X Studio Tour

MIB Rick Baker Creature

Photo by Tori Belleci

Growing up as a kid I was really into horror movies and special effects. Unfortunately I didn’t steer my career in that direction. The guys I admire the most in the field though are Dick Smith, Rick Baker and Tom Savini. Rick Baker does some fantastic creature work.

Well, Tori Belleci from Mythbusters is a huge fan of Rick Baker. Now Belleci is also one lucky fan boy. He got the chance to tour Rick Baker’s F/X studio and he took plenty of pictures for all to see. So go look and be prepared to be jealous as hell.

There’s just something about simplistic design and minimalist art that can make some things super cool. Case in point? These fine sci-fi and horror posters designed by Hungarian artist Szoki over at Wired.com. He has some Star Wars, Halloween, Lord Of the Rings, etc. Check em out!
Szoki Nightmare on Elm Street posterSzoki Hellboy poster

True Blood soundtrack coverGary Calamar, KCRW DJ and music supervisor for HBO’s True Blood, has an interesting post up about one of the new songs for Season 4 of True Blood. They managed to get Nick Cave & Neko Case to perform a cover of The Zombies’ song “She’s Not There“. True Blood has always had great music included in the show. This cover of “She’s Not There” is another excellent song added to the collection.

Check out the article and hear a streaming version of “She’s Not There” over at the KCRW blog.

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