This weekend The Cabin in the Woods FINALLY starts and I’m stupid excited to see it. Why? Well, I’m a Buffy nerd, so having Joss Whedon involved is definitely a selling point. Still being a Buffy fangirl, I’m appreciating the fact that Drew Goddard wrote and directed it, too. He was the season 7 writer on Buffy. He also wrote for Lost, Alias and that little gem, Cloverfield. This movie has been in the can for a year which is probably while you’ll see The Mighty Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, in the lead and wonder WTF he’s doing in this movie. Also, it’s been way too long since any good horror has been out. I’ve been feeling really deprived. Between this and Prometheus soon, I’m about to wet my pants!

Don’t read the reviews. Seriously, don’t. Just surprise yourself. Enjoy the experience. Here’s the trailer.