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There’s just something about simplistic design and minimalist art that can make some things super cool. Case in point? These fine sci-fi and horror posters designed by Hungarian artist Szoki over at He has some Star Wars, Halloween, Lord Of the Rings, etc. Check em out!
Szoki Nightmare on Elm Street posterSzoki Hellboy poster

Cars 2 Lightning McQueen and Mater Halloween Costumes

Got a little one that’s obsessed with Cars (2) and Lightning McQueen or Mater? You’re not alone. Indulge the kid’s fantasy of dressing in a Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Halloween costume – or the Mater Halloween costume. Lightning McQueen is fast, he’s sweet, he’s just the right size to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Mater is just plain loveable and wise. Plus, Mater makes everyone laugh. These are perfect Halloween costumes for younger children. We’re pretty certain these Cars 2 Halloween costumes will probably sell out this year, so shop early for Lightning McQueen or Mater Halloween costumes. Cute!!

Top Gun Halloween Costume – Maverick, Iceman, Goose

Sexy Men’s Halloween costume? Try a Top Gun Halloween costume! Seriously, women will swoon when you show up in your Top Gun flight suit as Maverick, Goose, Iceman or any of the other Top Gun crew. What’s fun about the Top Gun Halloween costume is that it makes a great couples costume too – grab your girl (or a guy) to dress up as Charlie. Flash your pearly whites and aviators as Maverick, show up on a cycle, and sweep Charlie off her feet. After all, you take her breath away, right?? Do it, hot stuff – strut it in a Top Gun Halloween costume this year.

Naughty Catholic Schoolgirl Halloween Costume

Let’s have a talk about Halloween costumes. In fact, let’s have a talk about what makes a sexy Halloween costume. Naughty Catholic School Girl Halloween costumes, that’s what’s sexy! This gem will never, ever go out of style. And…the Catholic Schoolgirl costume will for sure turn heads at the Halloween party. Shenanigans? There will be nun of that :)

Biblical Halloween Costumes

Biblical Halloween Costumes
Jesus, Mary & Joseph!! Look no further for Halloween costume inspiration than the good book. Biblical Halloween costumes are classic in their own right – inspiring, sometimes humorous, possibly intimidating. It really depends on the shenanigans going on at the Halloween party. Think twice about breaking those commandments while Moses is around.

True Blood soundtrack coverGary Calamar, KCRW DJ and music supervisor for HBO’s True Blood, has an interesting post up about one of the new songs for Season 4 of True Blood. They managed to get Nick Cave & Neko Case to perform a cover of The Zombies’ song “She’s Not There“. True Blood has always had great music included in the show. This cover of “She’s Not There” is another excellent song added to the collection.

Check out the article and hear a streaming version of “She’s Not There” over at the KCRW blog.

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