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There’s just something about simplistic design and minimalist art that can make some things super cool. Case in point? These fine sci-fi and horror posters designed by Hungarian artist Szoki over at Wired.com. He has some Star Wars, Halloween, Lord Of the Rings, etc. Check em out!
Szoki Nightmare on Elm Street posterSzoki Hellboy poster

In space no one can hear you scream – the work of H.R. Giger

I’ve had a lifelong love of horror and even now, I’ll never forget the first time I saw “Alien” in the theater. It had just opened (1979) and I talked my dad into letting me see it, though I was way too young! Intensive scares aside, no one had ever seen anything visually like it before – combining technology with organic forms. The look of Alien has now been repeated many, many times over but the visuals saturated my brain from that moment on. The man responsible for brain-fucking me then (and still today) is Swiss artist H.R. Giger. He also won an Academy Award for his work on that film. He is a perfectionist so he wasn’t exactly happy with the outcome of “Alien”, but it seriously rocked my world.

Giger would go on to work with Hollywood a few more times, but those projects never worked in Giger’s favor. I would have loved to see David Lynch bring Giger’s pre-production work to the screen in “Dune” but Lynch chose to use his own designs. Giger also designed Sil for “Species”, which wouldn’t surprise any of his fans.

Over and over his themes feature women, sexuality, alienation and some might say fear. I could write the longest blog post ever on Giger’s work and his technique, but I just wanted to touch on what he did for horror and sci-fi through his work on “Alien”.

Below are some interesting clips related to Giger’s work, including a tour of one of his bars in Switzerland. Who’s ready for a roadtrip?!?

Moebius Art Exhibit

We creepers do love our horror, but we also love anyone that is amazingly talented and let’s us see the world from a different viewpoint. Right now there is an exhibit (in France, unfortunately), that features the work of Moebius – French comic book artist Jean Giraud. It looks INCREDIBLE! Enjoy the eye candy and how his work makes love to your braiiiiiin!

Read more and see more about it here on this great post:
Moebius Art Exhibit from designboom.com

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