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thewomanimal modeling her custom clothesIf you are a regular visitor to this site then you’ll know how much we love Fright Rags horror t-shirts. I have spent way too much money on their merch. Being a guy however, something I’ve never thought about is that not many of their shirts are sized for women. They do have some babydoll tees, but not all ladies like wearing those. Plus you women like things “pretty” right? Some boring guys t-shirt just won’t do. Rebecca, otherwise known as “thewomanimal” on Etsy is here to help.

Rebecca takes the awesome shirts from Fright Rags and adds things like lace, hoods, straps and ties. She takes normal boring t-shirts and turns them into customized clothing for women. She’ll take a Pinhead shirt and turn it into a custom dress. Or she’ll take your favorite death metal band tee and turn it into a tank-top.

Here’s what Rebecca said about how she started:

I started cutting up guys’ shirts and modifying them to fit me almost 15 years ago because I was frustrated that none of the bands I liked made shirts for girls. Even if they did, the designs on guys shirts were always so much better, and I hate babydoll t shirts! Several years ago I was on a kick of making hoodies out of long-sleeved shirts that had designs on the arms, and I got so many compliments that I decided to try and sell them, and etsy seemed like the perfect marketplace. Since then, I’ve branched out from hoodies to make all kinds of girly stuff out of heavy metal and horror shirts. A lot of my time on etsy these days is spent doing custom work, which I love! At almost six feet tall, I understand that basic sizes small through extra large don’t cover all body types, and I’m so happy to be able to help girls have an item of clothing that is the perfect fit for them.

Considering she is supplying the t-shirt and the customization, her prices are pretty fair too. She also has no problem doing custom work on shirts provided by her customers. So if you are looking for an excellent gift for yourself or that horror loving lady friend in your life, head on over to Etsy and pick up some of Rebecca’s shirts.

Fright Rags is hands down THE place to get your favorite horror movie related t-shirts. I know I’ve spent way too much money with them and I’m about to spend more. Their t-shirt for The Shining is back in stock. It’s an awesome design for a great film. Click the image below to go buy it before Jack gets pissed!

Fright Rags The Shining t-shirt

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