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These funny couples Halloween costumes get somewhat grosser and more inappropriate every year. And awesomer!!!

Funny Adult Halloween Costumes and Couples Halloween Costumes

Here are numerous couples Halloween costumes and funny Halloween costumes. Some are a bit raunchy, but ALL are sure to get a laugh from the zombies, corpses, sluts and fairy princesses that will no doubt be attending the Halloween party! I have to say, the Lobster Halloween costume is certainly a favorite this year!

Funny Adult Halloween Costumes and Couples Halloween Costumes To Choose From:

In The Dog House Adult

Hot S#!t Adult

Lock & Key Couples Costume Set Adult

Slim Jim Adult

Champagne Bottle Adult

Paradise Burger Adult

Martini Gal Adult

Lemon Costume Adult

Ball & Chain Couples Costume Set Adult

Its A Secret Adult

Plug & Socket Adult

Wacky Tourist Adult Unisex

Blow Me Tissues Adult

Grand Ole Opry Star Adult

Cry Baby Adult

Lobster Adult Adult

Parade Big Dollar Daddy Adult

Horny Bastard Adult

Sexy Texy Adult

Tropical Tiki Drink Adult

Fat Bat Adult

Kissing Booth Adult

Hot Dog Adult

Tough S#!t Adult

Talk To The Hand/The Bird Adult

Hold The Mustard Adult

Southern Whisky Bottle Adult

Kegger Man Adult

Nut & Bolt Couples Costume Set Adult

Handcuffs Costume Adult
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