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Katy Perry California Gurl Halloween Costume – Katy Perry Blue Wig – Katy Perry Black Wig

Whatever you might think about her music, Katy Perry is hot. Are you hot? Are you hot enough to wear the Katy Perry California Gurl Halloween costume?? What about a cupcake bra? Really, it doesn’t matter because these Katy Perry Halloween costumes will MAKE you hot! We promise.

I mean really, there is a difference between wearing a Marge Simpson blue wig and a Katy Perry blue wig – and it’s all about the ta-tas!!

Forget the sexy nurse routine. This year, SoCreepy wants you to wear a Katy Perry Halloween costume. It’s my teenage dream, yo.

I ran across this on my internet travels today. Petrilude has posted a fairly good youtube video tutorial on putting together a DIY exposed teeth makeup. Great for going as a zombie for Halloween (or Two Face). All the items used are fairly inexpensive and some are clever (like using puff paint for muscles). Check it out below.

Sesame Street Halloween Costumes

One! One Sesame Street Halloween costume! Two!! Two Sesame Street Halloween costumes!! Ah..ah..ah!! Could you tell that was SoCreepy trying to be The Count? No? Well you can make it up to me by checking out these Sesame Street Halloween costumes – The Count, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar, Elmo! Gotta go – gotta get to Sesame Street!!

Shrek Halloween Costumes

Shrek Halloween Costumes

Hey Donkey, it’s time to start figuring out your Shrek Halloween costume! Princess Fiona? Shrek himself?? It’s all good in the hood if you wanna go green this year. Know what I mean?!? We are down with the ogres. Shrek Halloween costumes are a good choice because they work for adults and they work as Halloween costumes for children. In fact, the WHOLE FAMILY could go in Shrek Halloween costumes this year!! Imagine the fun of that…now, use your imagination and check it all out:

Vampire Fangs For Your Halloween Costume

Fangs, baby. Lots of ’em. Good oral hygiene will get you into heaven. Great oral hygiene will get you anywhere you wanna go! Show off those sharp, pearly whites. No diabolical Halloween costume is complete without a killer set of fangs. I’ve used the Scarecrow brand and I can say they work pretty well – and look creepy awesome.

Don’t forget, SoCreepy IS your biggest fang :)

V for Vendetta Halloween Costume

I thought this was an interesting movie to look at. And the V for Vendetta Halloween Costume is interesting to look at. I don’t know if I’m such a fan of the hair, but this is a hot Halloween costume for 2006, especially since it’s only weeks away from the November elections and that whole government, V for Vendetta politcal theme. A vigilante? A hero? Maybe just a drunk at the Halloween party? You decide!

V for Vendetta Halloween Costume

V for Vendetta Halloween Costume

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people…but never afraid of Natalie Portman!

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