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Coffin Sofa

If you are a creep like me you are picky about your furniture. Nothing but the best… or cheap Ikea stuff that at least looks good. Point being it has to at least look stylish, classy and/or cool. This Autum Heretic coffin couch is one of the coolest I’ve seen. Even though it’s a bit more than what I’d pay for a couch. What creepster wouldn’t want a coffin couch sitting proudly in their living room?

Autum Heretic coffin sofa

I found the website to The Scare Factory a few years ago. Ever since I have coveted the creatures and ghouls they create. If I were a millionaire my house would be entirely decorated with their props. I probably wouldn’t have much company because everyone would be scared to visit, but I’d love my house all decorated up like a crypt all year round. These guys make some really fantastic animated haunted house/horror props. They don’t come cheap, but if you have the coin I strongly suggest checking them out.

Check out this guy. He’s a swinging corpse!

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