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It’s never too late (or too early depending on how you look at it) to talk about edible Halloween treats. Or gory birthday cakes such as the picture with this post of my birthday cake one year.

While cruising around the web I ran across this thread at MillionTalks.com showing off some pretty nifty Halloween cakes. Some are gory, some are cute and all look pretty damn tasty. Recipes included.

You know, Season 2 of “True Blood” is really getting good. In fact, it’s inspired me to go out and see how many guys wearing pearl snap shirts I can seduce! Okay, not really. Okay, sort of. Truth is, it’s got me thinking about a True Blood Halloween Party theme. Hella fun! Let’s do this right. But…before you do, sign up as a member of the American Vampire League. They have rights too!

The Guests
I’m making the assumption with these directions that the party crowd will be a little bit smaller than a big Halloween bash, making for the right kind of Bon Temps atmosphere. We’ll get to that a little later. The best way to pull off a True Blood Halloween Party theme is to assign your friends parts to play. As host(s) of the party, you get the primo choice of Sookie and/or Bill. For the record, I loves me some Lafayette!

Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) Halloween Costume
Sookie is easy. Literally. If you’re a dude, you can still be Sookie. HAWT!

What you’ll need:
(unless you have blonde hair) pulled into a ponytail
– A tight white t-shirt (search around for a Merlotte’s logo on Google images that you can print on the tee)
– A short black skirt or skorts
– A black apron (you can fold down to wear around your waist if necessary)
– White tennis shoes
– A tray with glued on bottles (preferably Tru Blood)
– Black-out for your teeth – yes, I want you to have the Sookie gap-toothed smile!
– Be super annoying all night and tell people what you’ve heard them thinking

Bill Compton (True Blood Halloween Costume)
Bill doesn’t really have a “look” except dead sexy. Haha. That was a pretty good one, right? One thing about Bill, his hair ALWAYS looks like a wig. For fun, exaggerate that.

What you’ll need:
– A tight black shirt
– Black pants

– Light foundation to make yourself pale
– A bottle of Tru Blood
– Your utmost politeness and old-fashioned way of speaking

Jason Stackhouse (True Blood Halloween Costume)
Jason is hot. And dumb. Dumb hot. But also, a pretty easy Halloween costume. You can opt for the “cleaned up” version where he’s part of the Fellowship of the Sun, but I really like the original, sexpot Jason.

What you’ll need:
– A t-shirt about a size or two too small
(unless you are blond)
– Faded old jeans
– A belt with a big silver buckle
– Workboots
– Optional – an orange construction vest

Sam Merlotte (True Blood Halloween Costume)
The owner of Merlotte’s bar has a pretty scruffy, laid back guy look. There are ways to make Sam’s Halloween costume unique. For instance, maybe you just shifted and you can be naked. That’s different.

What you’ll need:
– Tousled, longish hair or
– Stubble (dapple on some fake stubble if need be)
– A pearl snap Western shirt
– Jeans
– Boots
– For fun, you could attach a stuffed Collie on your back or via a leash

Tara Thornton (True Blood Halloween Costume)
First of all, attitude will carry you a long way with Tara. Make it bad! That’s right, I don’t believe this new and improved Tara that I’m watching now. So, go for the extra sass to make Tara work.

What you’ll need:
pulled back
– A tank top or other sleeveless top
– Short shorts
– Flip flops
– Some jewelry
– A big bottle of alcohol to carry around

Eric Northman (True Blood Halloween Costume)

So sexy. So Swedish. Such an asshole. I prefer Eric’s new look with shorter hair, so let’s go with that though you could just as easily have him with long blond hair.

What you’ll need:
(if you have darker or no hair) slicked back
– A blue track jacket (with no shirt underneath)
– A big necklace with leather tie
– Jeans
– Black shoes

– A bottle of Tru Blood

There are plenty of other characters that can join the party – Lafayette, Pam, Terry, Jessica, Hoyt, Andy, Maryann or just some bar regulars or fangbangers to make up the difference. If you’re a fan of the books by Charlaine Harris, I’ll save some of the more intriguing characters like Alcide or Quinn for later on!

The Party
Consider having an old-fashioned Louisiana-style cookout, similar to the Rene/Arlene wedding.

– For food, serve crawfish or a low-country boil
– Appetizers can be fun – make the little smokies in BBQ sauce and call them Vampetizers or something equally dumb
– Play Cajun music mixed up with a creepy Halloween soundtrack
– Make “V” – shots of any red Schnapps – put on tray and walk through the crowd (Sookie)
– Decorate the tables with the red & white traditional checked tables cloths
– Create Tru Blood labels for the beer bottles and tape them on (or print them as stickers)

True Blood Fun Fact
Bill Compton isn’t Stephen Moyer’s first role as a vampire. Yes, he’s had years of practice. In 1998, he was in a British mini-series called Ultraviolet. Fangtastic.

Halloween Home Haunts

Halloween Home Haunts

I absolutely love the fact that people really get into decorating their yards and houses for Halloween. I make it a point every year to drive around and see what everyone has done. It’s not exactly close to Christmas in terms of popularity, but I certainly think the fervor to “make it scary” beats the pants off of Rudolph any old time.

I’ve collected a few links if you are interested in creating home haunts of your own. I think these are great sites with info that should be passed and shared with as many people as possible. Happy Haunting!

Halloween Monster List
Sweeney Family Horror. This is a local home haunt.

For those interested in going pro, or at least attending an awesome horror covention, check out Haunt X.

Home Haunt

Home Haunts – Kansas City

Socreepy just happened upon a terrific home haunt in my neighborhood. It’s called the Sweeney Family Horror and John January and family have done it right. In addition to decorating the yard in a very gothic, haunted fashion, there is an entire history built around a tragic night in the house. It happened many, many years ago but the scars definitely remain. Is it real? It is not my place to say. What I will say is it’s brilliant that trick-or-treaters and passers-by can tune into a local radio channel and hear the entire bloodcurdling family history play out, complete with sound effects.

Visit the Sweeney Family Horror. It’s got great pictures and tips for setting up your own home haunt.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Adult Halloween Party Idea – The Coven

Throwing a Halloween party for the adults this year? SoCreepy has plenty of experience to share. One of the ways to make your particular Halloween party stand out is to give it a theme. I posted earlier about the Slaughtered Wedding Party Halloween theme, but this one is geared towards Witches, Warlocks, sorcery and magic. I call it The Coven. And really – no offense at all to Wiccans. You’ve surely got better things to do on Halloween.

It’s important to set the mood and because you have a theme, it actually makes it easier to decorate. Make sure that everyone invited is aware of the Halloween party theme and ask theme to plan their Halloween costumes accordingly. As the host or hostess, you need to plan for the most elaborate Halloween costume. After all, you are the head of the coven!

To get the look of The Coven for your Halloween party, here is your shopping list:

Candles (all types) – you need tealights, pillars, votives and anything else that will burn. Essentially, you need to light the party with mostly candles and it could end up being your biggest expense. I suggest dollar stores for the cheapest selection. Remember to BE SAFE. Do not leave unattended open flames at a drunken adult Halloween party. So, make sure someone will be responsible for keeping an eye on the candles – and don’t leave any of them next to something flammable like curtains.

Witches cauldrons – these are cheap and they can hold anything – food, drinks, candy, body parts. Plastic ones are available just about anywhere during the Halloween shopping season.

Spider webs. What kind of witch doesn’t have the place decked out in spider webs? Hang them high across your ceiling and in corners. Remember to keep them away from your candles. Put the little plastic black spiders in them and around your food table. It’s a nice touch.

Buy glass canning jars at the grocery store and label them – eye of newt, snips snail puppy dog tails – that kind of thing. Fill them with anything cheap and gross you can think of: from actual nastiness available at your local butcher’s counter to plastic eyes, bugs, rats, etc. Fill some with water and food coloring (your choice) for variety. Set them out around the house – tables, shelves, mantel, etc.

Broomstick parking. Cheesy, I know. But funny. Section off a corner of your house that people can see and label it “Broomstick Parking”. Line up various broomsticks (decorated if you wish) as if many people are already there. For a fun activity, have a Broomstick Decorating Contest. A good prize? A Swiffer :)

Hanging fabrics. Think Stevie Nicks. Hit your local thrift store or fabric store and just hang swaths of fabric around. It creates a rich, closed-in kind of environment. Not all witches live out in a shack in the forest, you know.

Pentagrams. Your party is not complete without a pentgram somewhere. My suggestions are in glow-in-the-dark chalk on your driveway, painted on an old sheet and hung up on your wall and painted on your bathroom mirrors in lipstick.

Incense or other good smells. The Coven should really smell good (or really, really bad). After all, you’re cooking up potions and spells all the time. Give your Halloween party guests a smelly good time!

Dry ice and glow sticks. Okay, I’ve never been able to do dry ice very well, but it’s totally cool and a great effect. I suggest some cauldrons set around with dry ice and different colored glow sticks in them. They look great, but will require someone checking on them periodically as they begin to melt. Also, never handle the dry ice with your bare hands. Trust me on this one!

Halloween Parties

Throwing an Adult Halloween Party
And by the way, I don’t mean “adult” as in XXX, although given enough alcohol . . . Frankenstein could love your Mummy!

Atmosphere is critical for any Halloween party. Find a space at your house – the living room, basement, porch, shed, garage – and concentrate your efforts on making that your haunted party area. I’ll consider outdoors and indoors in our advice. Just remember that Halloween decorations and effects are an investment and having an annual Halloween party is an excellent way to begin a tradition and get people really excited about the season.

Halloween decorations and Halloween props
I’m all about the extremes when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Too much is never enough and that goes for home or the office. For instance, a hanging skeleton or 5 pound bag of bones will never go out of “Halloween style”. Keep and collect these types of Halloween items year after year, just like Christmas decorations. Always scour the stores right after Halloween to take advantage of their 75% off sales. I have my best luck at giant retail discount chains and drugstores. In fact, I heart Big Lots! However, Target TOTALLY sucked last Halloween. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking.

Remember that Halloween isn’t just for your friends, but you’ll likely have trick-or-treaters and maybe some neighborhood gawkers if you decorate right (or wrong). Starting with the yard, you can do the traditional Halloween thing with lit, carved pumpkins. Over the past few years, there has been a huge growth in pumpkin carving kits as well as online resources with AMAZING pumpkin carving patterns and ideas. Unfortunately, the pumpkins are always at risk of rot, adverse weather conditions and neighborhood punks that like to smash your efforts into pieces. Keeping that in mind, throw your pumpkin carving party about a week before Halloween so they will be beautiful and glowing for your guests. Make sure you rub the carved pumpkins with Vaseline (sounds dirrrty, doesn’t it?) to help preserve them. In the Midwest, bundles of hay are sold everywhere and they look great in the front yard surrounded by pumpkins, headstones and fake graveyard fencing. Even a lame scarecrow looks somewhat cool at this time of year.

Speaking of corpses, ghouls and headstones . . . I recommend you go Halloween creepy in the front yard instead of traditional. The headstones sold at most stores suck – they are too light and too small for most yards. However, you can spend a little more for a sturdier headstone to keep using them year after year. I suggest modifying their design for your own purposes. Use glow-in-the dark paint and yard stakes to doctor up the design and make sure the headstones don’t blow over. For a few bucks, you can buy a big bag of potting soil to spread around the headstones for that freshly buried look. If you can find a severed limb or skeletal hand to emerge from the dirt, all the better. It looked awesome in my yard last year and made me laugh every morning as I pulled out of the driveway.

As recommended before, replace your outdoor bulbs with colored ones. I’ve seen a few of those giant, inflatable Halloween decorations and we suppose they are okay if you are 1) totally lame and 2) have no imagination whatsoever. It’s fun to hang a few fake bats from the trees so they can sway along with the wind. I had a fake reaper hanging between trees last year and using fishing line made him look like he was just floating over the graveyard. It was sweet. You could try constructing a corpse. Just stuff some clothes with hay (newspaper gets wet and nasty) and use gloves and a mask as your extremities. If you’re lucky, it might keep the kiddies from coming to your door to trick-or-treat and eating all your candy :) Or maybe it’ll toughen them up and let them realize the good things in life don’t come from Disneyworld.

Last year I found skeleton candle torches at Big Lots that lit the driveway, so if you see them, grab them or something similar. They were super cool and stayed lit until the wee hours of haunting had passed. On Halloween night or the night of your Halloween party, make sure you play creepy sound effects and music outdoors. It just adds to the atmosphere of such a special evening.

Halloween Lights, Halloween Candles and Fake Spider Webs
Let’s talk about your indoor space. Think of the details first – things that can make the room appear creepy and ghoulish. Start by changing your lighting in the parts of the house your freaky friends will be visiting. Hang fake Halloween torches or a creepy chandelier. Pick up some colored light bulbs and replace all your standard ones. From experience, we find that red works well (particularly in the bathroom). Buy a couple packages of fake spider webs, starting from corner to corner and on various items in the room such as light fixtures, picture frames, etc. Here are a couple thoughts about using fake spider webs as Halloween decorations . . . a little goes a long way, so be sure and stretch as much as possible. They are kind of annoying, so don’t put them up until a day or two before your Halloween party. Also, unless you have powerful black lights everywhere, avoid the glow-in-the-dark spider webs. The regular ones work best and they are super cheap. They’re a drag to clean up, but very much worth the spooky effect they provide to any Halloween party atmosphere. Halloween candles should be everywhere (see selection below) throughout your party space as well as your house. BE CAREFUL with open flames, especially considering the spider web advice we just gave you. Tealight candles are an excellent and cheap way to set a mood and you can buy bags of at least fifty at a time. Plus, you don’t need to worry about wax dripping all over your furniture and they snuff themselves out when there isn’t anymore wax. Make sure to light them everywhere, along with Halloween themed votives and tapers.

Most people have a neighborhood Big Lots, Walmart or Target that sells Halloween lights in various shapes, styles and colors. If you don’t, e-mail me and I will give you some special craftsy and resourceful ideas. Last year, Big Lots had the cheapest Halloween lights (and other Halloween decorations), but they were limited in design. When you find the lights, buy tons – at least ten packs – and string them zig-zag across your Halloween party space. It adds just enough lighting that people can see everyone else’s Halloween costumes and make-up. Guests are also able to navigate around and find the food and drink easier when there is some sort of lighting in the room.

Halloween party supplies, Halloween music and Halloween movies
I can’t forget the staples of any good Halloween party. Obviously, there are the basics like plates, cups and all that stuff. However, Halloween affords us some crazy indulgences when it comes to throwing a party. I found that last year a small investment in glow-in-the-dark party cups was a HUGE hit! And the glow lasted for three days . . . about the time we started to finally recover from the actual Halloween party. Also, serving dishes are all about the creep. Drugstores often carry not only cheap ones, but often weird ones like skulls bowls, Frankenstein heads and witches feet. I also recommend eBay if you look early enough in October. Hopefully you can find a bargain. When serving food and drink, always remember that anything salty will make people drink more (as if they need an excuse on Halloween). Just make sure there is something to eat if you are serving alcohol. If using dry ice on the table as a presentation, do not actually put it in the punch. Put the punch bowl inside a bigger bowl that holds water and dry ice chunks. It gives a nice, foggy effect. Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep checking it throughout the Halloween party and that’s a complete drag.

The absolute best place to find alcoholic punch is at Bar None Drinks. We found a recipe last year that laid waste to the crowd. It was similar to the opening scene of Lord of the Rings, although everyone was slightly better looking. Also, be sure and provide your drunken friends a place to stay the night or take keys from those that might fight you for them later on. No one wants to see such a fun party turn into a real nightmare. As far as food goes, it’s not going to be worth your time to make intricate Halloween cupcakes or (witch) crafty dishes. Drunk adults don’t appreciate the effort. The more dips, the better. Deli trays can save your life and let you spend time where you need it – on your Halloween costume and decorating your party space. However, time spent making Jell-o shots almost ALWAYS pays off (use mostly alcohol in place of water).

It may seem obvious, but have several trash cans around the place. They fill up in no time. While I’m a big fan of creepy Halloween music in general, it doesn’t really make a Halloween party happen. Instead, keep the music upbeat with a lot of tunes that everyone knows – 80s works well and so does disco – or death metal if that’s your crowd. Towards the end of the evening, play slower songs as a cue to your lingering guests that the party is winding down. Or just tell them to get the fuck out. Also, I love to play really gory horror movies on the TV for those that are anti-social or non-drinkers. Don’t you wish every day was Halloween??

Frightening Fact:
Nearly 62 percent of Americans decorate their homes and yards with creepy themes for Halloween. It’s my personal mission to get that to at least 75%!!

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