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I found the website to The Scare Factory a few years ago. Ever since I have coveted the creatures and ghouls they create. If I were a millionaire my house would be entirely decorated with their props. I probably wouldn’t have much company because everyone would be scared to visit, but I’d love my house all decorated up like a crypt all year round. These guys make some really fantastic animated haunted house/horror props. They don’t come cheap, but if you have the coin I strongly suggest checking them out.

Check out this guy. He’s a swinging corpse!

Halloween Home Haunts

Halloween Home Haunts

I absolutely love the fact that people really get into decorating their yards and houses for Halloween. I make it a point every year to drive around and see what everyone has done. It’s not exactly close to Christmas in terms of popularity, but I certainly think the fervor to “make it scary” beats the pants off of Rudolph any old time.

I’ve collected a few links if you are interested in creating home haunts of your own. I think these are great sites with info that should be passed and shared with as many people as possible. Happy Haunting!

Halloween Monster List
Sweeney Family Horror. This is a local home haunt.

For those interested in going pro, or at least attending an awesome horror covention, check out Haunt X.

Home Haunt

Home Haunts – Kansas City

Socreepy just happened upon a terrific home haunt in my neighborhood. It’s called the Sweeney Family Horror and John January and family have done it right. In addition to decorating the yard in a very gothic, haunted fashion, there is an entire history built around a tragic night in the house. It happened many, many years ago but the scars definitely remain. Is it real? It is not my place to say. What I will say is it’s brilliant that trick-or-treaters and passers-by can tune into a local radio channel and hear the entire bloodcurdling family history play out, complete with sound effects.

Visit the Sweeney Family Horror. It’s got great pictures and tips for setting up your own home haunt.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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