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Human Centipede coverThe fine fellas over at Ain’t It Cool News have an interesting tid bit posted about Human Centipede II. Apparently the BBFC, British Board of Film Classification, has banned the film. Which means the film can not be publicly distributed. Not that Human Centipede is remotely on the same caliber, but it has some company on the ban list. Apparently the BBFC has banned such classics as A Clockwork Orange, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian. Check out the whole article (with some mild Human Centipede II spoilers) over at AICN.

In space no one can hear you scream – the work of H.R. Giger

I’ve had a lifelong love of horror and even now, I’ll never forget the first time I saw “Alien” in the theater. It had just opened (1979) and I talked my dad into letting me see it, though I was way too young! Intensive scares aside, no one had ever seen anything visually like it before – combining technology with organic forms. The look of Alien has now been repeated many, many times over but the visuals saturated my brain from that moment on. The man responsible for brain-fucking me then (and still today) is Swiss artist H.R. Giger. He also won an Academy Award for his work on that film. He is a perfectionist so he wasn’t exactly happy with the outcome of “Alien”, but it seriously rocked my world.

Giger would go on to work with Hollywood a few more times, but those projects never worked in Giger’s favor. I would have loved to see David Lynch bring Giger’s pre-production work to the screen in “Dune” but Lynch chose to use his own designs. Giger also designed Sil for “Species”, which wouldn’t surprise any of his fans.

Over and over his themes feature women, sexuality, alienation and some might say fear. I could write the longest blog post ever on Giger’s work and his technique, but I just wanted to touch on what he did for horror and sci-fi through his work on “Alien”.

Below are some interesting clips related to Giger’s work, including a tour of one of his bars in Switzerland. Who’s ready for a roadtrip?!?

I honestly don’t know how this movie will be. I love vampires. I love Paul Bettany. I love weird shit. And I love Samurai Jack. The last part has to do with this awesome prologue to “Priest” – it actually gets me pretty jazzed to see it. You’ll recognize the Samurai Jack style. Whaddya think??

Before all you creeps start thinking ‘ol ZombieGoats has gone soft, I can assure you I have not. As much as I hate to admit it, there are zombie things that slip past our radar here at SC. I Love Sarah Jane is one of those things. I Love Sarah Jane is a 15 minute short film made in 2008 by Spencer Susser. It’s about a young boy falling for a girl… in the midsts of a zombie apocalypse. The girl is played by Mia Wasikowska, who most recently starred in the new Alice in Wonderland. It seems Susser is adapting the short into a full length film. Take a look at the film below. It’s worth a watch.

Cool minimalist horror art

The Fly horror poster The creeps around here are big fans of art. It’s especially gratifying for us when art combines with Horror. The guys over at Freddy In Space have a great post showing off some of the cool, minimalist drawn, horror related poster art they’ve ran across on their web travels. It’s definitely worth checking out.

We here at SoCreepy have been Guillermo del Toro fans for a long time. The amount of detail, dedication and fantasy he puts into his work is truly amazing. His ability to be such a visionary with the macabre and the surreal is a huge inspiration for us. His works are as scary and frightening as they are stunningly beautiful.

The New Yorker has an excellent, in-depth interview with the man. He discusses his recent Lovecraft project AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, his youth, his Frankenstein project and other fun things. It is well worth a read.

Click away for the Guillermo del Toro interview!

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