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Iron Man, Whiplash and War Machine Halloween Costumes

Hey beefy manly man…are you feeling Tony Stark sexy? Do ya wanna? Well, I want you to! I wanna see your awesomeness wrapped up in an Iron Man Halloween costume this October. I want to see blue Christmas lights pulsing from your chest and hear the clunk of your boots as you approach the Bitches Brew Halloween punch.

What’s that you say? Everyone is going to wear an Iron Man Halloween costume this year? Yeah, you’re probably right. Oh? You also say you’re too much man to really be Iron Man? Ah, of course. You wanna whip out the Whiplash Halloween costume. Whip. Bad joke. And don’t get me started on how hot Mickey Rourke USED to be! But I digress…

Seriously guys, this year a hot Halloween Costume look will be anything from Iron Man – Tony Stark, Iron Man, Whiplash or War Machine. If you’re feeling especially spicy, let me see you go as Pepper Potts. Spicy. Damn, I did it again. Just don’t forget to shave your legs. Gywneth would never approve otherwise.

Socreepy’s Super Hero Halloween Costumes and Ideas:
Wonder Woman
The Tick
Dr. Octopus
The Punisher
The Crow
The Fantastic Four
The Thing (Fantastic Four)
The Hulk
The Flash
Teen Titans
You can also go in a group and be The Justice League.

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Super Hero Halloween Costume Showcase


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