Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes

Is it too soon for Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes? No, it’s not. Michael Jackson has been a hot Halloween costume for years and years. However, this year it’s about honoring the King of Pop.

How do you remember him? My personal favorite is always going to be the Michael Jackson Thriller Halloween Costume (go for the ghoul make-up, too)! If you grew up in the MTV generation (like me), you’re probably gonna want to go with the Michael Jackson Beat It Halloween Costume. If you liked his smooth style, SoCreepy suggests sporting the Michael Jackson Billie Jean Halloween Costume. Lastly, if you’re new to the MJ appreciation club, you might like the Michael Jackson Bad Halloween Costume.

You know what? Grab some friends and go as all versions of MJ. You know what else is required for Halloween night? That’s right – you better damn well play “Thriller” and you’d better zombie dance! RIP, Michael Jackson.

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