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How To Do Dr. Frank-N-Furter Halloween Make-up

I was doing some Halloween research tonight when I discovered something freaking FANTASTIC! A tutorial on how to do Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s makeup for your Halloween costume. I mean, the corset and garters are only gonna get you so far, right? Then I discovered something greater: all the fantastic tutorials from Ashley at Hollywood Noir Makeup. She’s pretty incredible and hopefully won’t mind that I’m featuring her work. Are you shivering with….antici…pation?!? For Rocky Horror Halloween Costumes, check this out!

Columbia & Magenta Halloween Costumes (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

I’m not sure why SoCreepy picked Columbia & Magenta Halloween Costumes as something for a couple. After all, there are many configurations of Halloween costumes for couples from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For instance, the guy who played the mayor on “Spin City” along with that woman who’s married to Tim Robbins (yes, I know who they are) – Brad and Janet. What charming underclothes you both have! Or go for a different set of jaws: Riff Raff and Rocky or SoCreepy’s erotically charged favorite, Frank N. Furter and Eddie. Mix it up. Do give yourself over to absolute pleasure this Halloween.

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