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Slipknot Halloween Costumes – Slipknot Masks – Slipknot Jumpsuit

Slipknot Halloween costumes were very popular last year. I’m happy to say that this year, they have introduced even more Slipknot Halloween masks and finally – an official Slipknot jumpsuit in adult sizes.

Slipknot Halloween Costumes and Slipknot Masks for you to choose from:

Slipknot Maggot Mask

Slipknot Chris Mask

Slipknot James Mask

Slipknot Mick Mask

Slipknot Clown Mask

Slipknot Sid Mask

Slipknot Joey Mask

Slipknot 133 Mask

Slipknot Paul Mask

Slipknot Corey

Slipknot Jumpsuit Adult

Slipknot Jumpsuit Adult

An adult Slipknot Halloween Costume – Slipknot masks sold separately.

Halloween Slipknot Masks – Slipknot Halloween Costumes

These Halloween Slipknot Masks rock. Hard. Creepy, gothic and designed just for the maggots. The perfect look for a chilling, unique Halloween costume. I just found an actual Slipknot Halloween costume, but they are pricey. The licensed Slipknot Halloween masks are below. However, with a little white paint and some creativity, you CAN make your own Slipknot Halloween costumes. Here’s how:

– Buy a jumpsuit or mechanics outfit. Check Sears or around online for something for a jumpsuit.

– Get some white acrylic paint from Walmart or some place like that – look in the kids school supplies/art supplies section. Also, see if you can find a Clorox bleach pen . . . you might be able to use it to paint the barcode. If not, look for a white fabric paint pen. Walmart should have this in the sewing or crafts department. Try Hobby Lobby or Michael’s if you have those where you live.

– Depending on what Halloween Slipknot mask you buy (and who you want to be), paint his number on the right sleeve, then paint a circle around the number. You know what it looks like!

– For the Slipknot tribal, you can buy a sticker or paint it on the other sleeve. I’ve included a picture for your reference if you’re feeling brave. You can also print it on some iron-on paper you can buy for your printer. That might actually be easier.

– Lastly, paint the barcode on your chest (upper left). It could get a little tricky, but just take your time.

I think with a little sweat and blood, you can have your own Slipknot Halloween costume – and you won’t have to answer to anyone!!

Before I get to the commercial listings, I’ve pulled in some eBay listings so you might get this cheaper.

Slipknot Halloween Costume

Slipknot Halloween Costume

Black, military issue Slipknot Halloween costume comes with a button down shirt and pants. Includes 0 through 8 iron-on patches so you can match your Halloween Slipknot costume with your Slipknot Halloween mask.

Slipknot 5-133 Mask

5-133 Slipknot Halloween Mask

From Morbid Industries comes this Halloween mask of Craig Jones from the band Slipknot (#5). According to our sources, his stage mask is a dive helmet modified with a gas mask and then shot through with nails to represent…er…pain. This Slipknot Halloween mask is sure to part the crowd the same way Craig’s does as he makes his way to the stage each night.

3 Chris Halloween Slipknot Mask

3 Chris Halloween Slipknot Mask

Mimic the homemade horror of Slipknot’s Chris Fehn (custom percussion) with this officially licensed Halloween mask from Slipknot. Nose is about 5 inches long. Zipper is latex and can’t be zipped.

Slipknot 8 Corey Halloween Mask

Slipknot 8 Corey Mask

Latex reproduction of the Halloween mask SliPKnoT band member Corey (8) wears onstage. Other SliPKnoT masks for Halloween: 81325 SliPKnoT 0 – Sid Halloween Mask, 81323 Slipknot 1 – Joey Halloween Mask, 81329 SliPKnoT 2 – Paul Halloween Mask, 81330 SliPKnoT 3 – Chris Halloween Mask, 81324 SliPKnoT 4 – James Halloween Mask, 80451 SliPKnoT 5 – 133 Halloween Mask, 81328 SliPKnoT 6 – Clown Halloween Mask, 81326 SliPKnoT 7 – Mick Halloween Mask, 8133103 SliPKnoT Halloween Costume.


Slipknot Halloween Costume and Mask

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