You know, Season 2 of “True Blood” is really getting good. In fact, it’s inspired me to go out and see how many guys wearing pearl snap shirts I can seduce! Okay, not really. Okay, sort of. Truth is, it’s got me thinking about a True Blood Halloween Party theme. Hella fun! Let’s do this right. But…before you do, sign up as a member of the American Vampire League. They have rights too!

The Guests
I’m making the assumption with these directions that the party crowd will be a little bit smaller than a big Halloween bash, making for the right kind of Bon Temps atmosphere. We’ll get to that a little later. The best way to pull off a True Blood Halloween Party theme is to assign your friends parts to play. As host(s) of the party, you get the primo choice of Sookie and/or Bill. For the record, I loves me some Lafayette!

Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) Halloween Costume
Sookie is easy. Literally. If you’re a dude, you can still be Sookie. HAWT!

What you’ll need:
(unless you have blonde hair) pulled into a ponytail
– A tight white t-shirt (search around for a Merlotte’s logo on Google images that you can print on the tee)
– A short black skirt or skorts
– A black apron (you can fold down to wear around your waist if necessary)
– White tennis shoes
– A tray with glued on bottles (preferably Tru Blood)
– Black-out for your teeth – yes, I want you to have the Sookie gap-toothed smile!
– Be super annoying all night and tell people what you’ve heard them thinking

Bill Compton (True Blood Halloween Costume)
Bill doesn’t really have a “look” except dead sexy. Haha. That was a pretty good one, right? One thing about Bill, his hair ALWAYS looks like a wig. For fun, exaggerate that.

What you’ll need:
– A tight black shirt
– Black pants

– Light foundation to make yourself pale
– A bottle of Tru Blood
– Your utmost politeness and old-fashioned way of speaking

Jason Stackhouse (True Blood Halloween Costume)
Jason is hot. And dumb. Dumb hot. But also, a pretty easy Halloween costume. You can opt for the “cleaned up” version where he’s part of the Fellowship of the Sun, but I really like the original, sexpot Jason.

What you’ll need:
– A t-shirt about a size or two too small
(unless you are blond)
– Faded old jeans
– A belt with a big silver buckle
– Workboots
– Optional – an orange construction vest

Sam Merlotte (True Blood Halloween Costume)
The owner of Merlotte’s bar has a pretty scruffy, laid back guy look. There are ways to make Sam’s Halloween costume unique. For instance, maybe you just shifted and you can be naked. That’s different.

What you’ll need:
– Tousled, longish hair or
– Stubble (dapple on some fake stubble if need be)
– A pearl snap Western shirt
– Jeans
– Boots
– For fun, you could attach a stuffed Collie on your back or via a leash

Tara Thornton (True Blood Halloween Costume)
First of all, attitude will carry you a long way with Tara. Make it bad! That’s right, I don’t believe this new and improved Tara that I’m watching now. So, go for the extra sass to make Tara work.

What you’ll need:
pulled back
– A tank top or other sleeveless top
– Short shorts
– Flip flops
– Some jewelry
– A big bottle of alcohol to carry around

Eric Northman (True Blood Halloween Costume)

So sexy. So Swedish. Such an asshole. I prefer Eric’s new look with shorter hair, so let’s go with that though you could just as easily have him with long blond hair.

What you’ll need:
(if you have darker or no hair) slicked back
– A blue track jacket (with no shirt underneath)
– A big necklace with leather tie
– Jeans
– Black shoes

– A bottle of Tru Blood

There are plenty of other characters that can join the party – Lafayette, Pam, Terry, Jessica, Hoyt, Andy, Maryann or just some bar regulars or fangbangers to make up the difference. If you’re a fan of the books by Charlaine Harris, I’ll save some of the more intriguing characters like Alcide or Quinn for later on!

The Party
Consider having an old-fashioned Louisiana-style cookout, similar to the Rene/Arlene wedding.

– For food, serve crawfish or a low-country boil
– Appetizers can be fun – make the little smokies in BBQ sauce and call them Vampetizers or something equally dumb
– Play Cajun music mixed up with a creepy Halloween soundtrack
– Make “V” – shots of any red Schnapps – put on tray and walk through the crowd (Sookie)
– Decorate the tables with the red & white traditional checked tables cloths
– Create Tru Blood labels for the beer bottles and tape them on (or print them as stickers)

True Blood Fun Fact
Bill Compton isn’t Stephen Moyer’s first role as a vampire. Yes, he’s had years of practice. In 1998, he was in a British mini-series called Ultraviolet. Fangtastic.

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