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I honestly don’t know how this movie will be. I love vampires. I love Paul Bettany. I love weird shit. And I love Samurai Jack. The last part has to do with this awesome prologue to “Priest” – it actually gets me pretty jazzed to see it. You’ll recognize the Samurai Jack style. Whaddya think??

Vampire Fangs For Your Halloween Costume

Fangs, baby. Lots of ’em. Good oral hygiene will get you into heaven. Great oral hygiene will get you anywhere you wanna go! Show off those sharp, pearly whites. No diabolical Halloween costume is complete without a killer set of fangs. I’ve used the Scarecrow brand and I can say they work pretty well – and look creepy awesome.

Don’t forget, SoCreepy IS your biggest fang :)

Ok, I think I am cheating here a little. The movie Priest looks to be more sci-fi with a dash of horror to me, but whatever. In “Priest” we have the tale of a priest who goes rogue after vampires kill his niece. What looks interesting is (outside the fact I am a sucker for post apocalyptic tales) the vampires in this look like they might provide a different twist on vampires. Other than sexy, fashionable folk with a taste for the red that is.

We have more vampires on the way only they are heading to the small screen this time around. The sequel to 30 Days of Night is coming soon to DVD & Blu-Ray. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days takes place after events in the first film when Stella (now living in LA) is trying to let the truth be known of what happened in the sleepy Alaska town that turned into a vampire buffet. The comics were pretty good and the Red Band trailer makes the sequel look promising.

I’ll be honest. I am not that big of a vampire fan. I appreciate the lore and lure the vampire mythos provides but it takes a lot to get me interested in vampire tales. Especially vampire movies. However, the Norwegian film “Let The Right One In” hooked me quite well. If you have not seen it, go watch it NOW!

Now we have an American remake, “Let Me In”, coming out. Based on the trailer it looks like it might be a fairly faithful remake. We shall see. Seriously though, watch the Norwegian one first.

I ran across these fun drink accessories today. Perfect for Halloween or daily life these vampire fang ice cube trays are pretty cool and perfect for any Halloween or True Blood party.

For the zombie lover in us all they also have brain ice cube trays

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